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Inspired by Parenting, Driven by Innovation

Meet Our Founder Courtney Zentz

As a new mother, chronic sleep deprivation and a lack of support for parents led Courtney down a path long before she knew what it would turn into today. While Courtney was not prepared for the exhaustion and overwhelm that came with becoming a parent, she was shocked at how little support there was when raising a family. 

Through her studies and the experiences of friends, Courtney saw just how hard it was for mamas to maintain self-care, balance, and the rest everyone needed to function as the best version of themselves. She watched as new moms tried – and failed – to get their children to sleep well and the toll it took on their mental and physical health. That was when Courtney truly discovered her life’s work.

Courtney is on a mission to change the way the world views sleep and provide accessible sleep coaching resources for all families to build healthy sleep habits in their homes for children of all ages.

“Sleep is the foundation for which the house is built.”

The Method

The birth and growth of our proprietary Sleep Steps® Coaching Philosophy

In 2014, Courtney began studying sleep medicine and became a Pediatric Sleep Specialist, Lactation Consultant, and Postpartum Doula.

The sparks of passion for sleep coaching became flames: the more she learned, the more she wanted to know, to ensure she was holistic in her approach to sleep education, rooted in science and built with balance.

But it was when she started seeing clients that her understanding of the needs from sleep deprived parents drastically expanded.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without the families who trusted me to guide them in their quest for rest. You are changing the lives of families in so many unbelievable ways on their journey to sleep.”

– Courtney Zentz.

Through her private sleep consulting with thousands of mommas, Courtney began to develop what would later become her gentle sleep training approach, Sleep Steps® to transform a child’s sleep without the need to cry it out. She tested her balanced sleep training approach and saw the impact it could have on families and immediately saw exciting results. Sleep is a skill and with the right tools and support, children from birth can build a healthy sleep foundation for life. 


SleepTrainer® iOS & Android App

Your Sleep Coach on Call®

As Courtney shared her concepts and her client’s success across social media, her client list grew. So did the demand for her unique prescription of sleep coaching to minimize tears but yield maximize results and long term sleep success. From offering in-home sleep consults and remote virtual coaching, the growth of her team, The Slumber Squad, the business began to take on a life of its own.

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Pioneers in Sleep Training for Parents

The Sleep Coach on Call Program Today

Courtney has always led with passion, commitment, and dedication to thinking outside of the box and disrupting the ‘status quo.’ It is no surprise The Sleep Coach on Call Program and the SleepTrainer App is the first sleep training mobile app on the market today.

It is a way to bring the tools, knowledge, and support to tired parents who are ready to begin their family’s journey to sleep. 

Being a leader in the pediatric sleep coaching space isn’t always easy, even 7 years and thousands of families in, I still cringe from stories of tried and failed sleep training from both ‘do-it-yourself” courses that don’t take care of sleep properly and leave little z’s actually happening, and from my clients’ past work with poorly trained, inexperienced sleep consultants, and there are a lot of them. 

“Most Pediatric Sleep Consultants are trained in only 1 method or approach, depending on who they completed their sleep training with. That really sets families up for a hard transition, many more tears and many times, giving up on the belief their child can be a great sleeper. My sleep philosophy educates you on how to make the transformation so that it works for your parenting style, schedule and the demands of life, balanced with freedom, flexibility and fun are that is why so many people seek to work with us.”

Today, The Sleep Coach on Call techniques have been proven time and again in thousands of families worldwide, to achieve sleep and regain control of so much more than sleep. The mental, physical and emotional well-being of new parents and their children should be of utmost priority.

“Sleep is the foundation for which the house is built.”  

The only sleep coaching programs that builds the sleep foundation through education, step-by-step coaching and support through the transition to rested, restored and refreshed safely, effectively and for life.