We are about to embark on the journey of getting your toddler to sleep better throughout the days, more consolidated hours in the night, and on a consistent rhythm of sleep, that will lead towards his/her best growth and development. We know he/she can do it, we just need to adjust and align their total sleep needs, balance behaviors while empowering their growing voice as a toddler and build the skillset of expectations around sleep.

Key concepts covered include:

  • How to implement our Sleep Steps® method of coaching as your toddlers progresses

  • Why balance sleep at the right time is crucial to success

  • How to create consistency in their day {and your own}

  • Bedtime sleep coaching and building an independent sleeper

  • Building their ideal sleep sanctuary

  • The methods of sleep coaching & behavior modification that leads to poor toddler sleep

  • Expectations for success

  • Common obstacle management

I’m glad that we can work together to help your little one achieve the sleep that they needs. It takes time, effort, and consistency through this process. At SleepCoach on Call®, we here to give you the foundation for their sleep and guide you in making the adjustments in a positive way. Ensure that you review each section of the video portion associated with their age, progress, common obstacles and resources, as this amazing program was designed for you to achieve maximum success.