Each week, we will be live, answering as many questions as we can in the alloted time for those who join. The call recordings are posted within 24 hours after the live call. If you have a burning question and can’t make it to an upcoming call, you can ask your question in the Facebook community as well.

Live Call Schedule:  Every Thursday at 10am EST streamed live into the Facebook Community or access direct through Zoom. 

*** Please DON’T private message Courtney or anyone on the team on Facebook or any other social media platforms. We’re excited to be on this journey with you and support you, and you do need to use the three methods listed above. Also, keep in mind that Courtney and the team generally don’t work weekends and Courtney usually pops in the Facebook Group a couple of times each week, along with her team, to answer questions and provide support (so you may not get an immediate response).