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On-Demand Sleep Training Programs for every stage of parenting. Monthly, Annual & Lifetime Memberships available. 

Navigating a Newborn

Healthy sleep habits start at birth. Welcoming a newborn into your home can be exciting, scary, overwhelming, and exhausting, and yet through it all, they bring us so much pride and joy. Through this program, we educate you on positive sleep hygiene, sleep foundations, swaddles, intake, nap schedules, creating a routine, and how to build your little one naturally into a terrific sleeper for life.

Did someone say 12 hours by 12 weeks?

Infant Sleep Consulting

Struggling with a sleep regression? Curious when they will sleep through the night? Are naps short and unpredictable?

As your baby grows, their needs rapidly change, which can throw off how well they sleep and cause a host of issues that lead everyone to be exhausted. Through this program, aimed at infants from 4 –  17 months, you can understand the exact challenges and fix their issue right away, to get them { & you} rested and refreshed. 

Toddler Sleep Consulting

Why does bedtime take hours? Will I always need to sit there? Is their fear or anxiety real? When can I get them out of my bed? Will they always wake this early?

Rest assured, we can help. Toddlers have a newfound voice and independence, searching for boundaries as they grow and learn. New experiences and things happening around them can shape how well they sleep {or don’t.} We coach you through this age, and help your children feel empowered, balanced, and rested, with our unique sleep & behavior coaching specific to toddlers from 18 months through 4 years of age. 


Sleep Coaching Program

The only dedicated sleep coaching app for children from birth through 4 years of age for parents looking to build healthy sleep habits, incorporate gentle but effective sleep coaching, personalized to your unique family goals, and have a child that is rested and refreshed every day. {Which means you are too.} 


Our courses are designed from years of professional experience serving thousands of clients worldwide & building a program that was appropriate for all but customizable to you, with over 100+ modules to help you on your journey to sleep.


Gain access to the largest vault of education in not just eBook format, but through video lessons, that help you digest and better understand why you are making these changes and how to do so effective for your child, coaching you every step of the way.


Meet your sleep goals and dreams with a new start from our award-winning Founder and leader in pediatric sleep. We provide unmatched support, coaching and community to achieve your sleep goals and help you build your ‘village’ of sleep support. 

What’s Included in

The SleepTrainer® Program

Expert Sleep Consulting

Sleep Coaching for all of your littles, from birth through 4 years of age, with one program from pediatric sleep experts.

Live Trainings

Every week, we share trainings on the sleep topics where you struggle most. Sleep hiccups will be a thing of the past!

A Village of Support

New interviews every month with leading experts in postpartum health, wellness, family planning and parenting, to support you.

Expansive Video Library

With over 100+ videos, walking you step-by-step through the sleep training process, without the need to “cry-it-out.” 

Hot Seat Calls

Live “Hot-Seat” calls – where you can ask your questions & get immediate coaching as you implement the program. 

A Thriving Community

A private Facebook community where you can connect with other parents, seek advice & support one another.

A Written Sleep Program

Designed by age, you will have a complete sleep program for your child, to support you on your sleep transformation. 

Sleep Resource Guides

Written resource guides on how to handle daylight savings, nap transitions, travel, illness, sleep regressions, & more!

Private Phone Consults

Sometimes you hit a sleep speed-bump that needs a little more support. Book an optional private call at a reduced cost!  

*Month to Month, Annual, or Lifetime Subscriptions Available!

“If you’re considering private coaching but not sure if it is worth it, IT IS WORTH IT! We’ve already had two regressions since I signed up for Sleep Coach On Call 2- -months-ago and instead of weeks of regression, it was only a few nights. My almost 10-month-old has never slept longer than a 4-hour stretch his whole life. Last night he slept almost 10 hours. It’s hard to believe. Every night he improves. THERE IS HOPE 😀

Infant - 8 Months Old

Enroll In The SleepTrainer® Program Today

An one-of-a kind program & community for new parents, seasoned parents, caregivers, and postpartum providers who want to understand and support a child’s sleep needs and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this will work for me?

Our goal for this program was to ensure it was set up to support a community of tired parents, with a level of customized support that isn’t available anywhere else in this capacity. If you follow along with the program and implement the changes, sleep will happen in your home.

Does this program work if we still have night wakings?

There are many babies who do still need to eat at night, but can also have really good sleep habits too! I will show you how to achieve this balance, recognize it’s time to eat, and provide consolidated sleep that is so crucial to their long-term health (& yours).

Will there be tears during this process?

Change for anyone is hard and if anyone tells you that making changes and adjusting your child’s sleep habits could be done without tears, they are lying to you. (Sorry….setting the right expectations here.) My goal is to tell you to MINIMIZE tears because there are a lot of factors that play into how your child will change habits and behaviors, but I lay it all out there for you. If it was simple you wouldn’t be here.

Can I Still Feed Baby Overnight?

Absolutely! Children who nutritionally need that intake to meet the AAP recommended guidelines of 24-32oz in a 24 hour period should always eat, they are growing and thriving. Children who are eating “to sleep” – AKA a habit feeding will need to wean off that feeding, as it’s a habit, and together, we design a plan to thoughtfully and gently shift that milk from the overnight hours to the daytime hours during our time together.

How long until I see results?

Clients of Tiny Transitions see major shifts in their child’s sleep in 3-5 days, with the full transformation in about 2-3 weeks. This includes them settling independently and without tears at bedtime, sleeping through the night, waking at an age-appropriate time and napping consistently for you in the daytime.

Will I lose my connection to my child if I sleep train?

This is a common misconception. Giving your child the gift of sleep is the best gift you can give them and that will last a lifetime. As a parent, it’s not all or nothing. Cuddle nap? Go for it, just not EVERY nap. Stroller walks, wearing them for naps, skin-to-skin time, rocking to sleep. Check, check, check, check….. When it comes to sleep coaching, you are giving your child rest to be THEIR best, and for you to be YOUR best. Sleep is the foundation for which the house is built, and only positive comes from sleep. When a child is getting the right amount of sleep, they are cognitively, physically, and emotionally their best {so are you.} They eat better, play better, tantrum and cry less, and are more engaged in their day. You are rested and confident in your parenting too, so it’s a win-win!

Can we do this if we are in daycare?

We work with kids in daycare all the time! Don’t worry about that, children adapt to their environment, and we guide you and the daycare on how to best support your child’s sleep transformation. We take balanced but effective sleep coaching approaches so they rock their sleep at home and when at daycare or in the care of another caregiver. We even will speak directly to your daycare if you need, to ensure they understand the sleep transformation, as they too prefer kids rest well when in their care!

Can we use a swaddle or sleep sack?

Yes! We have so many great swaddles, swaddle transitions, and wearable blanket products that we recommend and use here at Tiny Transitions. These products play an important role in managing a child’s comfort, startle reflex, and balance their room temperature, depending on your geographical location. We also work with many children who don’t use one, and they can sleep great as well, it’s unique to each family and something we work through together.

Should we sleep train before or after vacation?

That depends on the time you are going, how long you are staying, and the sleep arrangements. Sleep coaching results transform sleep in as little as a week, so if you have a few weeks until you go, get on it now and enjoy the vacation! If you are planning to co-sleep on vacation, I would wait, to avoid confusion.

My toddler wakes frequently, is this covered too?

Of course! We work with toddlers in this program too! Giving a child the gift of sleep is an amazing thing. We support children who are experiencing nightmare/night terrors, fear, anxiety, excess stimulation, divorce, and a lack of ability to meet overall sleep needs for their age, to build a balance in the demands of everyday life, their unique situation, and overall sleep needs. We want you to be confident in parenting and are here to support you.